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    A rice crispy treat balloon suspended on wire.

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    1. cake m vorable passion fruit mousse on almond sponge cake with berries;
    2. Cake yogurt with white chocolate and apricots in caramel;
    3. Cake caramel with spices, mousse of milk chocolate;
    4. Cake Apple New taste;
    5. Cake with mascarpone mousse and dark chocolate with Earl grey on crustasia test;
    6. Cake Pear with saffron mousse with praline;
    7. Cake chocolate and raspberry mousse with praline;
    8. Cake chocolate and coffee;
    9. Vanilla Bavaria;
    10. Cake Externas;
    11. The Orange Cake;
    12. Cheesecake Orange;
    13. Macaroon;
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    • The apples in caramel
A rice crispy treat balloon suspended on wire.
    • The apples in caramel
This is a butterfly themed baby shower cake i made for my sister-in-law
    • The apples in caramel
Spider cake made for my cousins son who wanted a real looking spider lol
    • The apples in caramel
Chocolate/Choc. buttercream top / Vanilla/Van buttercream bottom. Marbled fondant covered. Gumpaste figurines.
    • The apples in caramel
Chocolate and Vanilla Cake covered in fondant. The Sorting Hat was Rice Krispie Treats covered with modeling chocolate. The broom was modeling chocolate and the snitch was gumpaste.
    • The apples in caramel
Chocolate & More Chocolate!
    • The apples in caramel
Baptism cake with marzipan flowers w/royal icing centers. Pound cake with fresh peach buttercream filling. Buttercream icing and piping. Fondant covered board. Ribbons
    • The apples in caramel
 Madison is turning 16 and loves the anchor/nautical theme. Bottom tier is yellow cake, middle tier is vanilla bean with pink zebra print inside, top tier is rice krispie treats. ALL edible, covered in edible glitter. Hand painted anchor. Fun cake!! Fed 50 people
    • The apples in caramel
Sugar Cookie Vanilla cake. All edible suing marshmallow fondant
    • The apples in caramel
This cake was a blast to make
    • The apples in caramel
2-tier batman and superman cake
    • The apples in caramel
9X13 cake with fondant decor
    • The apples in caramel
Buttercream with fondant accents
    • The apples in caramel
I made this cake for my daughter's 6th birthday. More info here: <a sl-processed="1" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    • The apples in caramel
Love making these flowers!
    • The apples in caramel
Confirmation cake
    • The apples in caramel
graduation cake
    • The apples in caramel
Poinsettia, all buttercream
    • The apples in caramel
Michael Jordan themed baby shower cake
    • The apples in caramel
9" Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, decorated with a handmade flower paste poinsettia. My first ever handmade realistic flower!
    • The apples in caramel
This was made for a baby shower. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting for the hair. Decorated with fondant flowers, horse heads and horse shoes. This was very fun to make.
    • The apples in caramel
Red and Gold Wedding Cake
    • The apples in caramel
Frozen cake
    • The apples in caramel
Cupcakes for a gardener
    • The apples in caramel

                        Za moju Irmu
    • The apples in caramel

                        Made this cake for a summer wedding a few months ago...Ivory fondant with white buttercream dots! Happy with how this one turned out!
    • The apples in caramel

                        6" double barrel w/ contoured edges. Handle is styrofoam.
    • The apples in caramel

                        7",5" cakes w/ 5" hemisphere cake topper. Followed Krazykoolcakedesigns tutorial.
    • The apples in caramel

                        5,7" design inspired by party decorations from Party City
    • The apples in caramel

                        6" sphere cake made by using Wilton's sports ball pan.
    • The apples in caramel

                        Birthday cake for a co worker
    • The apples in caramel

                        These are the pictures of 2 cakes.  Mi first cake I made 6 years ago, for my daughter in law&#180;s baby shower and the last one at the Americas Cake and Sugarcraft Cake Fair where I was awarded with the Third Place in the competition  and a Silver Medal for Craftsmanship. <p> I have found out that most of my knowledge about how to decorate cakes,  came from the great community  Cake Central where you find the best advises and the most updated information.  </p><p>The cake of the Competition, is named Amor Eterno which in Spanish means eternal love, is dedicated to all those who don&#180;t believe that love ends when "death do us part".  The design  is inspired in the Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican Fiesta during which we celebrate life with lots of color, music and great food and pastry.</p><p></p>
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