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  • Baby cake 81 how to make
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    Name Children's cakes:  Baby cake 81
    The cake in the christening parties or godok with дитятком and ангеликом. You can order a cake in the art-studio present on the bud-which your taste. The price indicated cake for 1 kg, minimum weight 1 storey cake - 3kg, 2 storey cake - 5 kg. The composition of the cake, can be selected from the section of the cake. Order cake need for a few days, agreeing to all questions попердньо. We are always ready to help you with the choice of sweet miracle, taking into account all your wishes.

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    Our cakes are not only beautiful, but incredibly DELICIOUS!

    1. cake m vorable passion fruit mousse on almond sponge cake with berries;
    2. Cake yogurt with white chocolate and apricots in caramel;
    3. Cake caramel with spices, mousse of milk chocolate;
    4. Cake Apple New taste;
    5. Cake with mascarpone mousse and dark chocolate with Earl grey on crustasia test;
    6. Cake Pear with saffron mousse with praline;
    7. Cake chocolate and raspberry mousse with praline;
    8. Cake chocolate and coffee;
    9. Vanilla Bavaria;
    10. Cake Externas;
    11. The Orange Cake;
    12. Cheesecake Orange;
    13. Macaroon;
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This is my vision of my 1st keyboard synthesizer.<p>Great ideas on Pinterest taken to produce a sketch and a delicious cake with tasty textures.</p><p>A combination of delicious chocolate cake of 1st quality and angel cake , garnished with a tasty butter cream and real blueberries delicious ganache chocolates 1st two qualities .</p><p>Thank you to love and share my vision and create synthesizer keyboard .
G&#226;teaux Fleurs de Printemps
Creator : M&#233;lanie Larivi&#232;re
Tel .: (438) 869-0448</p><p>To Visit my website :
Available on Facebook : page G&#226;teaux Fleurs de Printemps:</p><p></p>
    • Children's cakes
This one was a lot of fun to make, the baby crib was a challenge, it was my first time making one. Thanks for taking the time to view it.
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cake I made for my friends little boy
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Bottom tier vanilla, top tier chocolate
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Here i had another Frozen Request, this one was for a cupcake dress for a frozen princess party!
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Spice cake body with Rice Krispie Treat for snout, Covered with fondant and textured. Eyes, nose, claws and tongue were fondant. Teeth were modeling chocolate.
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Iris flowers..I hope you like it!
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Baby cake
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Love 1st Birthdays!
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14,10,7 and 5 finished in fondant with gumpaste flowers
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This cake was made for a little boy who wanted a 'Construction Site Cake'. Had to improvise as the cake construction kit did not arrive to me on time.
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Based on the movie
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Princess Tiana
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This was a fun cake to make. Covered with white mmf then handpainted the tie dye pattern on. Tie dyed the batter to match!
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3-tier cake with castle pillars and decor (pillars part of castle kit)
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2-tier batman and superman cake
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1-tier icing grapes and designs with fondant wine
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This was a very quick cake I did for a friend birthday.
She loves elephants and she was delighted.
TFL<p>Ana Rem&#237;gio</p><p>CUPCAKES &amp; DREAMS My facebook: <a sl-processed="1" href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Bling and pillars are inedible.
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6" chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The axe and lettering are fondant
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Sisters favorite game Zelda-Ocarina of time.
She wanted a cake on this theme.
Her wish is my command ^_^
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Salty cake
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