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    3 tiered wedding cake with fondant calla lollies and fondant drapes

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    • Cakes Musical instruments
This is my octopus cake for the Under The Sea Sugar Art Collaboration on Facebook.
An octopus is one of the most fascinating creatures of the sea. Because of his intelligence, his ability to camouflage, and his mobility, he became a mythical being.
The octopus is made of modeling chocolate and fondant and the shells are fondant too. The corals are non edible decoration, just props for the photo.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Pug cupcakes
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Golf themed engagement cake.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Easter girly cookies
    • Cakes Musical instruments
    • Cakes Musical instruments
A very special wedding cake for 6 young maids entering religious life, and two more making their first vows. Designed to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Covered and decorated with fondant. Handmade flowers in fondant as well. Flames in pulled sugar. Heart in pastillage.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
This is by far the most fun I have had in a while. The cake was butter cake with buttercream filling as request by the customer. The sea shells were made of chocolate. The sand was my mixture of graham crackers and brown sugar.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
They're expecting twin boys!
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Optimus Prime open face shield and Bumblebee two-tiered cake.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Alternating layers of chocolate cake and white chocolate mocha cake filled with caramel cream cheese buttercream and covered with dark chocolate ganache and camo fondant.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Decorated sugar cookie gift box.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Here i had another Frozen Request, this one was for a cupcake dress for a frozen princess party!
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Royal icing in a classic design
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Pink Topsy Shoe Cake
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Chocolate & More Chocolate!
    • Cakes Musical instruments
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Baptism cake with marzipan flowers w/royal icing centers. Pound cake with fresh peach buttercream filling. Buttercream icing and piping. Fondant covered board. Ribbons
    • Cakes Musical instruments
My name is Tracey Mann, I made this cake for Cake Craft and Decoration Magazine publication ( <a rel="nofollow" href="" class="vglnk"><span>www</span><span>.</span><span>cake</span><span>-</span><span>craft</span><span>.</span><span>com</span></a>) and it is featured on the front cover of this month's magazine. There is a tutorial inside the magazine on how to make it. The bowl is a cake, the icecream is made from chocolate which I melted and added water, as soon as I mixed in the water the chocolate turned into the same texture as icecream. I live in the UK. My website address is <a rel="nofollow" href="" class="vglnk"><span>www</span><span>.</span><span>traceyscakes</span><span>.</span><span>co</span><span>.</span><span>uk</span></a>
    • Cakes Musical instruments
This cake was a blast to make
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Got the opportunity to do something I love doing on this cake- sketching!!
Hand sketched Reindeer on this christmas themed cake.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
This cake was for a bride from Romania and a groom who does Bible translation. Was asked to represent both of them on the cake. Tried to incorporate a lot of Romanian traditions and the Bibles show many of the languages that the Bible has been translated into recently.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
cupcake cake covered in icing and fondant decor
    • Cakes Musical instruments
I was inspired by the Internet.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
3 tiered wedding cake with fondant calla lollies and fondant drapes
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Everything handmade. Fondant with fondant accents. The city and 4 is made from cardstock.
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Minion Cake
    • Cakes Musical instruments
I used Sweet Sugar Belle's Chocolate chip cookie recipe- Delicious! My new favorite! A little secret- the crab was made from a.... bachelorette party cookie cutter that I "repurposed" lol<p>Recipe: <a sl-processed="1" href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p></p>
    • Cakes Musical instruments
    • Cakes Musical instruments
6" chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. The axe and lettering are fondant
    • Cakes Musical instruments
mardi gras party cupcakes
    • Cakes Musical instruments
Cream Cheese icing with fondant/gum paste flowers
    • Cakes Musical instruments
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