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    1. cake m vorable passion fruit mousse on almond sponge cake with berries;
    2. Cake yogurt with white chocolate and apricots in caramel;
    3. Cake caramel with spices, mousse of milk chocolate;
    4. Cake Apple New taste;
    5. Cake with mascarpone mousse and dark chocolate with Earl grey on crustasia test;
    6. Cake Pear with saffron mousse with praline;
    7. Cake chocolate and raspberry mousse with praline;
    8. Cake chocolate and coffee;
    9. Vanilla Bavaria;
    10. Cake Externas;
    11. The Orange Cake;
    12. Cheesecake Orange;
    13. Macaroon;
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    • Cakes for women
Cowgirl boots, hats and bows...
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So cute
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Kitty cat cake
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2nd Birthday Chicka cake
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This is watercolors I did, for my future shop front :-)
My son asked me to do a cake like in this painting, so I am posting this, and cake photos, sorry, I cannot combine them into collage.
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Romance easter cookies
    • Cakes for women
Top tier is IMBC with a watercolor effect. Middle tier is IMBC with black fondant stripes. Bottom tier is covered in black fondant with gold stenciling. Gold dragees to accent the bottom tier. Bright pink roses to give the cake a pop of color.
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I made this Faberge egg for Easter this year. Always wanted to make one! TFL!!
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Curious George cake
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Hi Everyone,<p>Hi Everyone, Sharing a Pok&#233;mon Birthday cake that I made recently for a very special client of mine! </p><p>Thank you :-)</p><p></p>
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A rice crispy treat balloon suspended on wire.
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The beginning of my baking hobby
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This cake was a request for a family member, i had never even heard of Adventure time when i made this.
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This year for Valentines day i decided i wanted to create something Sexy, What is sexier then Black lace and red Roses!
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Brazil Soccer Cake
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I made this wreath for one of the mums at the school gates who`s ALWAYS raising money for different charities this time it was for st Catherine`s hospice, they were trifle flavour and I cant believe how long all the little toppers took!!
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Iris flowers..I hope you like it!
    • Cakes for women
I realized this cake for the Best friend Collaboration . I wanted to describe the friendship in each time of our life.
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This cake was for the Baptism of two babies twins , but their sister wanted to be on the cake too. So I had to find a funny idea . As you can see the religious theme has been put aside but I had no choice .
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Finished in buttercream with fondant pearls
    • Cakes for women
4,50 kg
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Chocolate mud cake
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This cake was for my BFF Daughters 15th Birthday. It was Chocolate cake filled with Peanut butter Carmel Buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache (my new favorite flavor combo). It was my first time working with wafer paper for the flower, I liked how it came out.
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Pleats and Bands Wedding Cake - PJ x
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first birthday cake
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Pirate cake with matching cupcakes. I love making the little treasure maps! Mmf cupcake toppers.
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A friend asked for a wedding cake for a shower that he was throwing. The design was up to me but he did request chocolate covered strawberries.
    • Cakes for women
Buttercream with fondant accents.
    • Cakes for women
Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Ganache drips, Chocolate covered Strawberries and Macaroons with Ganache filling.
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Chocolate with velvety chocolate cream
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Monsters cake
    • Cakes for women
This large whisky barrel cake was made for a 50th birthday celebration. The cake stands approx 35cm / 13 inches high and caters for 100 party size / 200 coffee sized portions. The label on the front of the barrel is part of his birthday invitation layout
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