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    This cake was 4 layers of cake that was sculpted into a nail polish shape and then iced in buttercream and covered in MMF. Top part of the the polish was made out of rice cereal and then covered my MMF.

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    • Desserts in glasses
This cake was 4 layers of cake that was sculpted into a nail polish shape and then iced in buttercream and covered in MMF. Top part of the the polish was made out of rice cereal and then covered my MMF.
    • Desserts in glasses
This is my vision of my 1st keyboard synthesizer.<p>Great ideas on Pinterest taken to produce a sketch and a delicious cake with tasty textures.</p><p>A combination of delicious chocolate cake of 1st quality and angel cake , garnished with a tasty butter cream and real blueberries delicious ganache chocolates 1st two qualities .</p><p>Thank you to love and share my vision and create synthesizer keyboard .
G&#226;teaux Fleurs de Printemps
Creator : M&#233;lanie Larivi&#232;re
Tel .: (438) 869-0448</p><p>To Visit my website :
Available on Facebook : page G&#226;teaux Fleurs de Printemps:</p><p></p>
    • Desserts in glasses
Romance easter cookies
    • Desserts in glasses
This was an Anniversary Cake for my BIL &amp; SIL. They were married on the 4th of July and have always had Red, White, &amp; Blue cakes. So this year I had the honor of getting to make it. The top tier was Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache with Salted Caramel. The second tier was Chocolate Cake with Pecan and Coconut filling. The bottom tier was Butter Cake with Buttercream filling. And I finally broke out the Airbrush. WOW.....I will always use it now.
    • Desserts in glasses
I made this cake for my nephew and his new wife. I made and covered both tiers and the sugar flowers at my home home, then It was transported to the venue which was a 3 day drive away. I assembled it when I arrived and added the edible lace and floral arrangement, I only broke 1 rose in transit so I was pretty happy with the results
    • Desserts in glasses
Pearl and lace
    • Desserts in glasses
Curious George cake
    • Desserts in glasses
I used Poppy the Troll as inspiration for the color and patterns.<p>This is the first time I have tried to add a sculpting element to a cake. I added shape to the top with cake pop dough for the hair. </p><p></p>
    • Desserts in glasses
Three tiered wedding cake decorated with sugar lace and gumpaste pink roses
    • Desserts in glasses
Buttercream ruching and quilting on dummy cakes
    • Desserts in glasses
This was a Owl Cake made out of Cupcakes for a baby shower. This is actually one of the first major things i did when learning cake decorating, it was for my sisters friends baby shower
    • Desserts in glasses
Art themed cake for my niece who loves to drawn and color and paint.
    • Desserts in glasses
This was a cake i made for my moms birthday this year! She has always been into western and indian things, and loves dreamcatchers! Making feathers was a first for me, and i had to wing it, but i love the way they came out!
    • Desserts in glasses
Birthday ship inspired cake
    • Desserts in glasses
Baby cake
    • Desserts in glasses
Macy's gift bag
    • Desserts in glasses
Wedding cake based on Pantone colour of the year 2017
    • Desserts in glasses
2 tier cake
top tier-Vanilla
bottom tier-Butter beer
    • Desserts in glasses
This is my version of a beach cake for a wedding anniversary
    • Desserts in glasses
chocolate cake covered in fondant with edible print
    • Desserts in glasses
    • Desserts in glasses
Safari themed birthday cake. The birthday boy wanted himself on top wearing safari clothes and sitting in a pile of dirt...haha! I'm never satisfied with how my characters turn out:(
    • Desserts in glasses
2-tier batman and superman cake
    • Desserts in glasses
simple 9X13 cake decorated with icing and graham cracker crumbs
    • Desserts in glasses
Trial see if I could make Toy Story themed cake pops. Lots of fun but very time consuming!
    • Desserts in glasses
Hamburger and fries themed cake i made 2day :) for me everyday fast food lol
    • Desserts in glasses
Buttercream basketball net cake. This one was definitely out of my comfort zone.
    • Desserts in glasses
Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Ganache drips, Chocolate covered Strawberries and Macaroons with Ganache filling.
    • Desserts in glasses
Six inch round vanilla purse cake, carved down a bit, and then covered and decorated with fondant. Gumpaste handle.
    • Desserts in glasses
Just a cookie.
    • Desserts in glasses
    • Desserts in glasses
1/2 Sheet Delta Sigma Theta themed Wonder Woman Cake
1/2 Strawberry and 1/2 Lemon cake decorated with fondant accents
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