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    1. cake m vorable passion fruit mousse on almond sponge cake with berries;
    2. Cake yogurt with white chocolate and apricots in caramel;
    3. Cake caramel with spices, mousse of milk chocolate;
    4. Cake Apple New taste;
    5. Cake with mascarpone mousse and dark chocolate with Earl grey on crustasia test;
    6. Cake Pear with saffron mousse with praline;
    7. Cake chocolate and raspberry mousse with praline;
    8. Cake chocolate and coffee;
    9. Vanilla Bavaria;
    10. Cake Externas;
    11. The Orange Cake;
    12. Cheesecake Orange;
    13. Macaroon;
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    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
for a grown-up princess
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
From the bigger cake in earlier photo/description, I removed the bottom tier (I actually won't need it for this weekend, as it is too big), and re-arranged the 6 and 4 inch tiers into a smaller but more ornamented cake.
Buttercream, fondant flowers, candy sugar accents. Inside is chocolate with Ghirardelli chocolate filling (middle), and butter-vanilla white with strawberry/cream-cheese filling (top).
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Simple Little Mermaid cake for a little girl's birthday.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Fastest way to a girls heart!
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Easter girly cookies
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
3 tier cake covered in buttercream with fondant decorations and a royal icing tiara.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
This is a Harry Potter inspired cake, featuring the Sorting Hat, Hedwig, the snitch and some Harry accessories. Cake and Hedwig are covered in fondant, glasses, scarf and snitch are made with fondant as well.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
CC question. . . .Have you ever got the day of the week wrong? I dont know what came over me but I was completely convinced November 12th was on Sunday! So here I am lounging around taking me sweet time on this one and my customer calls me to ask why I didn't confirm with her on Friday about delivery on Saturday :o In the end, I constructed this whole entire cake in less than 4 hours! (Minus the building cake toppers and the number 5) Cakes are Confetti top with strawberry cream cheese filling. Bottom cake is Chocolate with Chocolate cream cheese filling.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Three tiered wedding cake decorated with sugar lace and gumpaste pink roses
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
This was a Owl Cake made out of Cupcakes for a baby shower. This is actually one of the first major things i did when learning cake decorating, it was for my sisters friends baby shower
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
This was a birthday cake for a friends husband who works on Cars. It was a surprise cake he knew nothing about! it was a hit!
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
My Blue Macaw for a Great Collaboration...
I love freedom.. open your wings And Take flight!
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Starry Night Van Gogh inspired cake.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Fall flowers, pumpkins & baby
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Tulips and Daisy cookies frosted with royal icing.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
1st doing camo on cookies.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Iris flowers..I hope you like it!
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
This cake was made for a little boy who wanted a 'Construction Site Cake'. Had to improvise as the cake construction kit did not arrive to me on time.
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    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Pleats and Bands Wedding Cake - PJ x
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Harrison is turning 1 and this cake is perfect for him. Done in Monster/chevron/polka dot theme with the smash cake on the top in buttercream. Monster is fondant. Vanilla bean and Chocolate brownie cake.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Kevin the Minion made for little Baileys 4th birthday :)
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
2-tier cake with icing and fondant decor
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
9x13 cake with fondant and icing decor
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Monsters cake
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
teacher apple cake
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Made this cake as a donation to a silent auction to raise money for a local aquatic club. Bubbles are made from unflavored gelatin.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
First attempt at a carousel cake
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)
Minion Cake
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)

                        This cake was requested by a customer for a Reggae Themed birthday party. They were very specific with what they wanted on this cake as far as decoration goes.
    • Wedding cake (cake for wedding)

                        This is a two tier fondant covered cake with fondant embellishments, fondant character and an edible image. The "3" is gumpaste
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