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Small brightly decorated with cake will give your hospitable table +20.3 festive mood! But маффіни with the names of guests will be a wonderful addition to slice cake!

Small cakes did not inferior to large тортам on beauty and flavoring qualities. And sometimes they look even spectacular, when you order a few their varieties and розташовуєте on multi-row stand. Or, for example, a la carte cake may consist of cakes, decorated as their own products.In Europe it is very popular are mini-cakes.
Art Studio "Present" offers not lag behind the Europeans and order in its great cakes, who have a different form, filling and impregnation. Cake be made of different dough and fruit jelly, are decorated with with whipped cream or мусами.
What pastries bakers art studio produce мафіни (portions cakes), which may be sweet and not sweet. For sweet маффінів use cream or berry stuffing, nuts, and not sweet - cheese, ham, smoked fish, etc. Try мафіни from "Презента", and you can not refuse to ourselves pleasure order them again and again.
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