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(Macarons , )

Macarons () - is a wonderful sweets with tender filling. with the merging two halves almond biscuits cream, creating the perfect dessert! Bright, fashionable, mouth and insanely delicious!

cooked with love, charming hands master for recipes Best Chef-cooks France! Try - and you'll love in them forever!

Depending on your preferences, stuffing may be different:

on the basis of black (milk) chocolate,
- Brandy
- Kyiv cake"
- Roast
- Grand Useless
- Fruit

Based on white chocolate,
- Lavender
- lime-Basil
- Coconut
- Orange
- lemon
- Pistachio
- Fruit

Based on English cream,
- Vanilla
- lemon
- Orange

cost - UAH 6 / pcs. Minimal order - 6pieces.