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    Chocolate Flower Pot Cake - CAKE STYLE how to make

    Chocolate Flower Pot Cake - CAKE STYLE

    Chocolate Flower Pot Cake - CAKE STYLE

    thanks for joining us in the modelingchocolate flower pot cake class
    we're going to be covering a bunch ofdifferent things to do with modeling
    and we going to be making these gorgeousflowers with that which he can
    8 we've got some came the stakes andthen
    it all chocolate thought I O that'sgoing to be really put in a different
    experience for your guests
    now so we hope that you really enjoythis class there's a lot of stuff to
    that you will find that working with mylink chocolate is very easy and very fun
    and the first thing that we're going todo with
    loud pop cake he's gonna take a cakethat I've been baked and cooled
    I let these rest covered up and crap
    overnight and now we're going to takethem out layer then and get ready to
    fill them out with a beautiful
    in Osh
    after we cuddle up ally is the next stepis to attach it to a cake
    flight CYO on for size smaller than howK
    remember okay kiss a seven inch round soI'm cheesing
    6-inch round and that why walk get justa really nice
    to flower pots in a way going on wherethere's a slight
    change out from the top working dancemore at the bottom
    but not too extreme so I'll we're gonnatake
    to some about doctor put Kannauj and
    which can apply some onto the boarditself and
    just a speeding a little bit over thebase of the cake
    now because we're going it's a small lotwhat I'm gonna do is placed this
    on top rather than placing the cake oneat second bring it over to HIA
    and just make sure that's lined up intothe center
    site is gonna rest up now in the fridge
    for around
    I mean it's also I just soit'll be them enough that we can start
    cutting and slicing it
    and next with their cake is we've gotmad at the fridge
    we're gonna take 7 inch cake plate aswell place it on top of the cake
    I'm gonna flip the whole thing Aribawe're going to take cash shop right
    we're gonna start working from ass seeks
    and just fading cutback out to SF inside
    not too severe just keep it at an angleand to you find out
    how much he can cut off sigh
    we don't want to guide just to the board
    we actually want to come in a little bitso that there is room to build a well
    of Kanata round the cake so continue onthat same spot
    until you get the angle that you'rehappy with so gonna flip the entire I
    think I have %ah
    and can remove
    at top just that we can say to back acheagain
    now what we're going to do is workingaway from the top
    we're not going to cut anything off thetop of the cake itself
    we're just gonna hang to stop saying theboard down below
    in exactly the same as we did say on ass
    out before so I standing here holdingonto cake
    just a really gently pressing into thecake as you go down
    and just coming down so they can say
    the board
    to now that we've got a cake
    the fridge it's chilled we're going totake a
    placed on top and flip it either andjust like we said a calming it this way
    this is how we're going to get our shitas well summation is my fuzzies
    and we also want to make sure it'sscented on this port
    way going to take in ash that is just alittle bit soft top
    then what we're working with for thefeeling like this
    silo of popped into the mic wave 30percent

    seconds so just taking a little biton the spatula apply it to the Sun the
    bringing up and also working it down
    use a fair bit because you can alwaysscrape it all
    we want to make sure that we're goingall the way up to the top and at

    seven-inch board at the bottom
    I K so we're going to take
    ask right up and you'll find that weneed to have it on a slight angle it
    needs to be
    take that you because we've got a sixinch on top
    and we've got a seven on the bottomSpanish come around
    scrape a little section are
    I can say how much extra we had that TaiChi it just means that what we're left
    is already looking beautiful comingaround
    and basically what you want to do is getto a point where you can see
    both the top buoyant and the bottomboard
    and missus a super fast way to get offso I
    should say you can ashing times cut inhalf if you haven't been using these
    kinda techniques
    their like I
    site which can claim this up becausethis is advice
    so or make sure that there's nothing theamp turn it over
    now we can say have flawless it alreadylooking
    now to get this off up chocolate all Idot we just can t
    pry with a finger tips lil sections
    all I've up just to help lift it becauseit's almost like it's
    suction on now once its mating can liftthat %uh
    pilot with Nash the top
    so gonna come over just a little bit
    just at the sides and the top mate
    uncut now in taking alija
    scrape up and working
    in one direction don't go all the wayover the edge you wanna be chest back
    and feet
    so that you don't take that edge ofFamily Guy
    alright so one final time
    all one going to do is just have theseven angle
    and just go around and left up all ofthat excess
    that was over the sides we want to raiseit up so now we're gonna let rest
    and there's a couple choices innisbecause the modeling chocolate
    is not found in and it's not going toI'm react in the same Weiss
    you can refrigerate this for a periodand then get
    out will chop off the top and we canwork with it or you can let it rest
    either not at a cool to room temperaturejust like you would be the fondant cake
    now I'm gonna show you how I made theterra cotta kala
    for al pot am I went ahead and when Imade it I added
    Center go to college just to help itlong and to make this process
    a little bit easier and I'm many someclouds we've got some colors are they a
    basically terra cotta is a trickyconical it to Mike
    and they do make akala ko terra cottaunfortunately it's still not quite right
    out when I do these artwork in it into afew different
    chunks surrender having one big amountthat will become really really soft
    maybe adding a lot of liquid to it gonnawork in stages
    the good thing about that means that ifyou do too much
    then you can also add a little bit extraand water down the collapse of oil
    a little bit more forgiving this whywhich can make a little bit of a whale
    we do need to add more terra cotta so
    this kit a little bit of that in the end
    and Libya chocolate brown
    just a couple drops just been a
    push that into it a little bit too sothat it doesn't pour out onto my
    table homework French and we saw workthat around
    so it takes a lot more kala
    to teach modeling chocolate that doesfind so I
    he can be a little bit more heavy handedwith it
    now everybody left a different shade ofterra cotta
    am I'm quite happy with this shade
    am if you want to be a little bit moremuted or you want to be a little bit
    more pink
    at you can add a little bit of marine toit
    helped turn it down just a touch but italso adds a little bit more
    walked back inside that's a good choiceif you want to be and a little bit more
    biased as well it's working around
    the finding is getting a lot softer andso we doing this ahead of time
    and just going to allow to rest beforeuse that on app cake
    am particularly a big batch like thiswant to put dat hollering
    we want to give it an hour or two beforeusage for the next thing we're going to
    is we have some cake pop sticks
    I've also got a cake pop stand that Iused just as like a drying rack for me
    am I don't use it for displaced but it'sreally handy
    to be able to use it now taking acallout
    you can say that this is much
    them I still pliable but it's muchbetter than what we're working with
    when we added a collar in so
    all of these flowers am I going to workwith the central kind
    so that's very common for women EDPreason rises we don't usually do with
    chill apps
    but we need a good basis to be old
    everything on so I'm doing the sametechnique
    as were I to with our sugarpastegumpaste
    basically I created a bowl and you cansay I'm using my index finger
    in my thumb to work around on one sideand this one is just holding it in place
    trying not to squeeze it
    work your way up take it a really nicepoint
    and that is it just a teacher of shape
    now we're going to insert cake pops takeand
    fairway stop play that two-thirds trickor the way up
    make sure that there's no getting aroundhere and that's it
    issued an arrest and dry like that
    the best flower that we're going to workon I
    juleps so we're going to get all about Iyellow
    kinds I've started to chillax alreadyand it only takes to like this
    to do a chill up so it's really fast forthe quick I'm going to be using
    a lodge chill it cut up this game is setup to
    and have chosen to use the largest onethat they had grab some sugar glue
    I'll paint brush rolling pin and also
    we're going to be using two shapes I'mcut-up of parchment paper
    or baking paper as far as making thisflower
    it is quite different to a regular chillup now only
    chill a test a man's in them and battonwe may be
    to it he to something saw you that's whywe're using a kind
    other than that we're gonna be easing
    and the same techniques as we will beshipped pace and there's nothing to
    it's actually a little bit faster and Ilove ATF side
    don't be nervous about working withchocolate and it's a great medium
    and you get the hang a bit reallyquickly side to soften it up in your
    one sheet of parchment pressing downjust to give it
    had stopped pleasure other shapes triedover the top
    take a rolling pin and we can alternatebetween pushing
    enrolling wanna just
    stretch this app at we're not going for
    as in as gumpaste or sugar paste
    and they seem to be a little bit sick upor otherwise field trip
    and we ought and from time to time
    the other thing you want to do hispickup the parchment paper
    and just separate it otherwise
    if you just got them trapped togetherdoesn't want to grow and move youth and
    roll out as easily
    and the key thing with this is to makesure that your center isn't staying hy
    so always working from just before thecenter out to the edges
    so is going to separate it
    flip it over and separate again and thereason why I'm doing that is so that
    when we cut the map they not completelystuck to this we've already got it made
    me think
    so we're gonna cut out three so
    normally at this stage he would fold theedges soften and and instead what we
    gonna do
    is just slightly rolled them to makethem a little bit wider
    now if you got to do this and it'sreally sticky
    he can either put this back on or youcan use a touch of cauliflower
    if you gonna do that I just shake itonto the table had a little bit into
    your hands and just Rob
    and that way it stops it from beingsticky but you're not left with the
    pata raise a Geo to really can't on howthe plane any pressure at all
    on case and now we're going to do
    is just brush some sugar clue
    working from about halfway up on theleft hand side
    working right into the bottom and notover this
    age the reason why we do that is so thatwe can tuck under each other
    so don't apply clue to the whole bottomha of
    K so again take al modeling chocolate
    kind can affect petal
    and we're actually gonna lay it downmake sure that eighties about Alcon Inc
    and touching the bottom so tender and hecan say
    to attaching the bottom area now
    make sure it's trite after that meetingand
    just dead heat the left saw it you cansay i'm only took it is so different
    it hardens and holds its shape reallywell so
    again but an attack and %uh by that athird of the way
    but make sure that they're a good heightto each other
    K rolling around again and hearing theleft side that keeping the right side
    tuck by a third
    make sure the hot the same and wraparound you say that
    overlaps so first thing I want to do issecure the bottom
    push the mall in cuz they will Smithinto themselves because the chocolate
    so now when we pick it up you can saythat you can see the kind one Hyde
    leetle beet so we're gonna press thoseleft sides
    you that had the glue and keep my rightside
    out but we're just kinda fan around andjust tight-knit
    a little bit you folding and foldinglike that
    and just means that from the top you cansee anything at all weekend any kind
    stunning when you look really low thatyou see a shadow other kind
    now we want to go ahead and do all about
    at first liar so do all three and thencome back for a second one
    thank okay so we're going to take ourkind that has after for Sligo
    and we're gonna line up so it's hot whyagain same height as the last
    halfway to write with those two met
    your place this one talking at thebottom
    maybe not right side open
    overlapping taken under five and a third
    week I'll
    and again this time a donut up by toomuch at all
    and coming around
    now we just want pressed on the side toolittle bit but Don Smith and what did
    because in chilled you can always say
    HR the pale say don't miss me thatTanner white look realistic
    now on going to do is just separate daysthe paint
    to make sure that we've got someamazement and some lift
    and now we're going to be making myfavorite which is the rice out we're
    going to be using the same basictechniques as what we teach
    in a simple rice I'm but instead workingwith pollen chocolate
    sigh this is gonna have to Reliance I'myou can allow a trying time between each
    minutes and that's about all wereally Nate so I superfast
    and really easy now
    the cutter that I'm using for office tois actually the largest instead of
    cut its am I'm gonna be working with twosizes
    on this today one is the largest
    about seeks the auerbach is the firstone
    in an extra-large how a giant oversizedrice it
    am side if you don't have the oversizewant then you can use
    the regular one that you have and a stopto cut you can roll with a touch more
    give a gentle roll now
    this time we want them to cover the antikind so we are going to cover
    almost all love it without gluten so
    we're going to work our way up on bothsides by about two-thirds to
    three-quarters the way
    okay that way though he to each other
    and they let heat to our clients I 10days around
    now we want to line it up so that
    its higher than alkyne
    placing out around talking to abackwoods
    coming around and synching
    at the top whether they touch alwaysoverlap on one side
    either way is fine and just missed that
    I have a working on the back pressing itdown
    that she first went on working to theexact ops its alright
    lay it down on that making sure
    same height bring it up and discoloredaround like a bit awkward
    smoothing the possum as we go
    cut three apt
    give a lot
    role just too wide net and just meansthat there's going to be more overlap
    between the petals
    because a standard rise the micobviously don't have the kind that lot
    to teach
    saw it we just want to stretch themhe'll be it okay we're going to use the
    same technique
    thought we did with out chill petalsworking from a left side
    about halfway down all the way
    into the center saw
    actually wanna do first is very muchlike we do
    with ash arises we going to kill theinches back
    now we've got three so what I alwayslike to do is
    pick up the ECI a to cow toothpick and a
    role on the right side to the pill onLee
    for two of them not so capital
    tuck underneath and just curl around
    now just make sure not squeezing as youcould help otherwise you end up with a
    stuck in modeling chocolate so it's notlike sugar paste that just lets go I'll
    it really like to stick to just aboutanything so curling
    and then release and you can putsatellites
    now final third pedal we're going to doa double kill which is exactly what we
    do with all
    now pedals in the simple rise we havethree
    meeting to that have one kill and onethat has a double
    site picking up their first one thatsingle
    you can stop anyway I usually like tostop saddam just
    overlapping the right side of the hoodedpetal
    but there is really no I perfect spothave to heat a
    making sure that its tank ap at the sameheights not going any higher or lower
    and just attach that left side like wedid
    with actual apps okay
    taking and double cold one now are onlygoing to I the lap
    Pentucket and up by probably about aquarter of the way touching and pressing
    the left side down and making sure thatthe high is saying the forest
    now I can come back impressed that first
    I can keep that side I penny eitherlacking but only
    tiniest bit pressing down
    now left side to attach think tellingour right side
    I have %ah and killing our right sidethink I
    so they've lined up so that they'd justoverlapping each other
    just lift all of the petals make surethat they've got some movement
    between just like you would with no moreshould arise
    so I'm gonna let that sit for
    minutesand we'll be ready to go. I
    we're on to a final rule
    takeout limit more this time because thevanity five petals
    and we're using the first one in ourextra-large
    or oversized rice sets I after the peak
    now you might not always perfectly getyou five he might end up going to
    or three in realizing he had more thanenough as long as you get an extra piece
    of parchment paper to light them on
    they can sit there for five or tenminutes and I'll be fine
    and any longer than that and you whatbeen calling back as easily and all set
    to crack
    you do have a lot a bigger window towork with them they need to say
    style Calif top might miss
    couple of them i've %uh and

    gonna make sure that we always t3 thathave a single coil
    and two that have a double
    now bass pedals already large enough sowe didn't have to do that extra step
    %uh rolling out
    role on the month the right side andthen come back and do the same thing on
    the left
    I can from halfway just down the leftside
    K so we're going to take alittle halfprice that we had started
    the first thing that we going to do isI'm gonna take

    the single rolls and I always like toocean right now
    there is no perfect white because itsthree and five econoline
    ap in the spices side taking wannadouble
    and I've left it by that a third rolling
    making sure they want they this time alittle bit higher
    in the restive hours but only by I'm afemale inmate its
    and then what double
    Cape rolling in your hands single
    lay it down n roll
    and roll them
    so now we're just gonna come back inseparate summer faces not to stalk
    to another you can say have got whitmorethe spacing
    they had to skill that back a bit
    now run to a final flower we're going tobe working
    without hearing you can say already havegorgeous all of them are looking
    we've got a nice variation in the shapeat the pedals as well as and callous
    and so I have gone ahead and made acouple about PI niece
    an Amish walkthrough on the wholeprocess up making one
    cya we don't need very much preface liar
    its on the three petals on I'm using setall
    it comes in Santa four petals on usingthe second
    and the fourth in the range am so weonly need to roll out array and the
    once you get the hang of this techniqueyou just fine that repeats itself in
    lots of different flowers styles
    I case of an attack at best one gonnamake sure it's a little bit higher
    then what our car needs pressing theleft side
    at but leaving the right side I pen justmake sure the bottom is attaching well
    come round now if he gets in a bitsticky on your hands
    you can just rub some corn flour betweenyour fingertips
    just to make it easier to hold on chill
    again by that a third like I C can saythat right now we can say
    out the kind so is gonna pressing nowleft side Ste
    exactly the same as what we do withactual now it really need this time your
    modeling chocolate has become too soft
    you can pop into the fridge for abouttwo minutes a side but he laid into
    longley forget about it
    it will attract moisture in and it willactually end up being sticky s
    so I just be really careful sets up atime %ah if you're going to do that
    between lie is
    so we're going to take annexed
    said we've got three to us I am applyingthe blue
    and Unitus
    in these that we've got the pedals quiteseparated
    and now when montauk it starts to warmup and start to get a little bit sticky
    they gonna wanna stick to the back justnaturally
    I'm so we want china Boyd that and getthat nice opening can say hiya
    again nice and I pen so the check thati'm gonna do is put a little bit of
    just along that right side
    particularly down need the bottom notenough that you gonna see hope I love
    but we just wanna help it along justiceto separate really and
    just leave each other line a little bit
    otherwise they tend to wanna akin to getup and join us want
    UK 7 preface one down keeping at thesame height
    again what we've always done press theleft side down now
    the fabulous thing about this particularCuddy's it's really easy
    to know how much to overlap you can saythat is a
    peak deep halfway through I'm gonna
    tread annex
    it ghosts directly lined up with athalfway say overlapping exactly how of
    each petal you feel it flop around alittle bit more
    because you're really only applyingpressure to the base
    give a good squeeze at the base cannot
    make any fingerprints or anything likethat I but just squeeze say a
    and they can come back take you foundand actually place it through
    and allow it to curve around your thumband that way hôpital get to really nice
    shape to it
    but it stays separated so we're going tolet that dry now
    and that's all that paper with Don
    now there's only one more thing left todo
    a slough is and then they're ready twoguys so and what we gonna do is just the
    rise is online I'm gonna be applying acalyx
    and so that's just and a little bit ofgrain
    it's going it's so the star-shaped ifyou've got a calyx casa or a Jasmine
    kinda will work as well
    I'm going for the largest size that Ihave we want to be and it just say a
    little bit and grain poking through
    on ice rises sigh I'm going to go ahead
    I've made some almond chocolate that heis our half leaf green and half arsed
    green and
    where the land it to rest a little bitafter coloring
    now sometimes when you're adding alittle color in it does get quite soft
    so even though we've allowed this torest
    I'm gonna show you a little trickcheering ace am so that you can't figure
    out what to do
    if you've rolled out some about wantingto quit and its
    a little bit too sticky site press itdown try it on to their
    its helpful to know what to do whenthings are right
    but it's also really helpful in case toknow what to do when something maybe
    doesn't turn out the way that youexpected
    and so that's what time did that cost asare all about is just walking through
    all the scenarios but got
    a can saveit
    wants to stick a fair bit it's actuallywanting to stretch
    and break a rather than leafed up we cango ahead and cut out shapes
    out if we like or we can place thisdirectly in
    as the deets day a
    so if I tried to lift is now they werejust completely break so tired gonna do
    is pat them all down make sure that nowedges lifted
    place out patch from paper on it againto protect it
    just make sure it's stuck on an when aplace that into the fridge for literally
    one mean it I'm like if you leave it anylonger
    he will have issues with extra moistureand we'll get to Stefano want to break
    as you bend it
    so one minute on like I always just andtraining from the fridge the whole time
    and so will put that away and you sayhow much easier it's going to be to work
    with now
    alright I've got they sat at the friedchicken say they've got a tireless
    commitment to them but I for all
    therefore a little bit stiffness as wellso I'm gonna come back
    unpeeled this I Y
    and you can say that we can lift it up
    pick up to age as I never pick up justone with a kelex
    because otherwise it's pulling on thatand causing
    a little bit too much trying so I'mgonna tennis I thought
    in the palm of my hand and strong rightaway
    apply some sugar Kalou
    to the center just coming out by acouple millimeters on

    out Alex points now
    gonna take our audience and basically
    we're going to thread it through sothat's why we chose to do the lodges
    calyx because we're gonna be making
    a very large hole unit we don't to break
    turning it upside down gonna push that
    all the way down push it in today
    too so that it makes perfect clayeventually the stem is all going to be
    the same
    grain now pressing just for applied thatclue and then killing the rest
    now we're gonna go ahead and cover assTam's
    so right now we just have cake popsticks which a white
    we want them to make them look like theyare real flowers with this damn
    and eventually some leaves as well CYOI'm going to apply some
    all of the doc grain for all type I'mchoosing not to use para film because
    it's gotta love shine to it
    stay the night easy to use and verystretchy and we want and it's much more
    natural looking so onto something thatmapped so
    all we need to do a is cut into somestrips gonna take a flower
    I'll stop with the rise so that we cansee how we apply it and make the calyx
    basically just like her film has somestretch
    just doesn't have quite as much to writethe and we want to pull it
    with definite its and it will stretch itand it will make it gets to Kia
    then we're going to stop way up at thetop
    next to a kelex just gonna play sitthere and hold it without found while we
    will wrap
    all the way around and go
    once we've got that there's no whatshowing
    at the top so then we're gonna give alittle squeeze again
    and just roll it out and start rappingon a slight angle
    working our way down hold on to the topa bit longer
    and just slyly coat and and every timewe may if with stretching as we go
    now you don't have to go I'll all theway to the very bottom
    because we do have to insert this intothe CAC
    to now what we're going to do is justchop atop
    of but got all that excess cash now
    if you get into the fridge if he didn'tleave it overnight and just let question
    fridge for a few hours
    am what its good idea to do it now
    is just leave it for about
    minutesbefore we take on
    the next steps I out before we startapplying the jam
    and working with a modeling chocolate hejust wanna let this get up to temp a
    little bit
    now and next step point going to applyso at chance air
    to decide to backache we don't work ontop at all because this is going to stay
    exactly Anthony's
    so it looks like to in a flower pot soI've made some jams share
    I'll add it to cooled and I just kindapressure on
    really really lightly we don't need verymuch at all
    now are going to do is just give it areally light need
    just to make it nice and supple I'vegone ahead
    and take a nap eight big section allparchment paper or baking paper
    we're gonna be working with I've goneahead and measured the cake
    and we need to be at least
    inches soof my mind about

    just awesome RAM uncut so now we'regonna do is we're gonna roll it into a
    big long sausage
    just to help us get the shape that we'relooking for pick this up
    I of and we're gonna want to apply alittle bit of cornflour
    little bit on
    my so this will rub away as you'rerolling out
    going it really need to make sure that arolling pin isn't gonna stick to it
    Bailey gently
    and we can I am for
    a thickness amara height about sixinches also
    al que c'est closer to four it'll comeup a little bit higher
    but we need to create a bigger than IOCbut I so this point one cut a little bit
    gravitate Michelle
    just say
    it's pretty much spot on already inlength cut
    some of we know we had at least thatgone to just make it easier for yourself
    to get rid of some of the excess
    by going to let this rest in the fridgejust a minute
    mainly because it's just a little bitsof from rolling out it also because it's
    got a lot of color in it
    I'm so don't worry it's not perfect yetbecause I are gonna come back in
    out but we just won a place this andjust chill it you don't necessarily have
    to do this
    just get a feel for the temperature sonow that we've let this
    us set up and just get chill a littlebit in the fridge and it's just a little
    bit easy to work with so it's not sosoft
    and what we gonna do ease which can amokat roughly how long we need it today
    and which is about
    inches so comingfrom here
    pretty much spot on which is pricedright now plays H is a bit
    site just using a pizza cutter
    come along and straight batters up
    you can see hats maintaining its shapejust from being chilled
    after about
    minutes think I
    so now in terms of hot we don't have ahuge thing to be wrapping around
    so we want to cut this down just alittle bit so
    stop by making a straight line across
    get rid of that
    and then we wanna come up about sixinches all side
    will make mock they are
    mark the air just to give us a bit ofthe cage
    now what I'm gonna do is we're wrappingaround something that's curving
    and it's getting smaller up so it's notgoing to pay exactly the same top and
    bottom we need to bring in a little bit
    first thing and I'm gonna do it he is
    might cut a fad an inch of each side
    doesn't need to be perfect
    because we will be trying it when it'son the cake fat I'm gonna find
    roughly sent %uh and come up by a batinch-and-a-half
    so got
    a good height they a and this is justgonna help us
    to control that could so that it doesn'twork its way
    up the cake when we're wrapping they'reworking from the centuries always a
    little bit
    AC a and AM
    now we know what it looks like on thisitem a quite happy with that
    so I'm going to flee this I if %uh
    so it's gonna pride up on both and alittle bit
    okay spin it around
    and that way only place I K Kia we have
    the base right up against out byswitching to wrap
    from the back so in a place this Appiah
    attach it to now cake
    and when we do this we can say that waytouching
    all the way down to the base we're gonna
    press one side all the way can't sleepor other side away
    just for a moment you can say that we'vegot a fairly straight line happening now
    and we just want to focus on making surethat we go all the way
    to the possum we're gonna take
    an exacto knife or a craft knife
    always best cut off a little bit less tostart with
    speck in a straight line okay
    can relive all their little bits
    take a look and just
    Press in with the heel
    on your hands you can be a little bitrough
    because the cake is very sturdy at thispoint
    on now does have a little bit the samestill to it that's okay
    the first thing you want to deal withthough is that we have all these excess
    at the top so gonna clear my first andI'll show you how to get rid of
    the Saints so just working our way downfrom HEA
    coming across
    in Kyle so is something that seemed toreally quite tricky to do
    because you've got the modelingchocolate which is usually a new medium
    for a lot of
    and people learning and also the factthat
    it changes in sinus bot it really is
    nice n Easy so looking pretty flawlesseverywhere
    but if you look closely there is a slotsame so what we gonna do
    is actually fiery up we going to melt
    the channel in chocolate and just Robinof
    out that Saints I to sanctuary carefulwith these because it is an open flame
    the key to this is actually to make surethat the flame doesn't go
    any we need the chocolate we want tokeep a really good gap
    and what we're looking for is just aslight change in the shame
    and for it to still be very simply themif it becomes soft drink
    any this process you wanna stop nottouch that
    and just give it an extra minute beforeyou go in and rub it away
    site is gonna come along
    quite away from the cake just working onthe first
    inch now when I touch it I can feel that
    behind all of that is still quite fair
    so I'm not dent in it in with my fingers
    at all if that was happening I wouldjust wait even thirty seconds or so
    before touching it
    now after we've done this were actuallygonna leave it for just a few minutes
    before we do
    our band around to finish off a pot I'mjust purely because we wanna let the
    out really sale up them up again in stophaving
    I'm that little bit of moisture unit nowI cake is nicely said up
    with gotten rid of all that nice samemock
    perfectly so it's looking gorgeous thelast thing we want to do
    is just do at top section sigh can takeout a little bit more about terra cotta
    immunity the exact same thing again onlythis off to the side just so that we can
    give it a little Nate
    because this is the access that wentaround it a little bit them a
    and that's cool Int but we just need tomake sure that we can actually still
    roll it out
    side but a little made this time
    we going to be using I Moshiri been cutout you could use a pizza cutter if you
    don't have it
    am but it just maintains the sizeperfectly and so they are great idea if
    you've got one
    grab that apt like ants I'll
    checkout lanes now I pretty much spot on
    so give a little cut their and
    cool can lose that the minute suchrolling now
    made that up to the side which isKenny's a multi re been cut off and now
    a little trick teasing maze
    means that I actually sot not completely
    at the anti-peace at the end the wholething want to roll up with you
    he starred in a little bit then thatwhole section
    wants to stay put because it is allattached so
    rolling he doing this in fondant you cantend to push it through
    but with the modeling chocolate say tooslowly roll
    all the way get rid of that we can comeback if you need to
    but they do tend to stretch anyway so Ihope
    usually fear about a quarter of an inchless that still works at IKEA
    so what we gonna do now is
    because it's quite long and fanned bygoing to refrigerated van
    just said it has enough time to set upand during that time will be on the cat
    cake ready
    well going to applying James syrup
    we're going to be working with such abig leap sick read that as well
    and thus eliminate a couple minutesoversaturation now I'm just applying
    some sugar cally like I said
    at the top and we're not going to begoing too far down because we want half
    is this
    to be raised up and hard for that to bea on existing modeling chocolate
    so that's all we need
    now we've taken a stand out this an
    was chilling for about two minutes wasgonna
    make sure it's me the new Smith printcake
    right there we're gonna line it up sothat we start working on ass same
    out it's a little tricky to CSA nowbecause we've done such a good job
    in finishing it off and just making surethat with
    hated and modeling chocolate so Smith toget up
    gonna come around just lift
    up you're aiming to be half on half of
    now cake once we've gotten a spot
    I'm going to use this age as a gauge formyself
    and as our come around just about to say
    that it's all lined up really nicelykeep moving
    you modeling chocolate along like I
    time gonna take a craft knife flystraight down
    press the two together
    and just make sure that we're notgetting a hot
    on that as well style
    was gonna go around making sure thatit's attached everywhere first before we
    smoothing down that showing I want tomake sure all
    that the whole thing is stuck on whydon't you go sliding down a
    cake never gonna find a same
    who is gonna smooth it down with Afghanguess first
    making sure that it's attach
    now was gonna come along and check thebottom and
    just a little touch up where its jointbecause I should push them together
    sometime in its just got a little bitbecause I was gonna
    poll that excess all
    come back rammed a
    sign now time to fight this up again
    gonna do a couple of spots with thiswell we're gonna do is fix a pass same
    I'm also gonna Karan the inside justreally gently
    just so that helps too combine these twotogether so that they really do stick on
    so again away from your cake
    just sad to say a tiny bit of shine who
    chess going around side nice smallcircular motions
    this is a little bit easier because youcan say that the gaskets
    %uh slightly Dhaka as you go around saycan see that it's that you've done and
    if it's that you haven't
    and that's all we're gonna do just pressthat a little bit just so that they
    join together so now I've made up
    tomorrow I think when coming to go forsomething that's fairly steep
    as per usual its bring a cake onchalkboard it needs to be reasonably
    them so that it will set op which canapply
    into the center and then using a spatulaand just touching it to the side on an
    we're going to create some Korea smocks
    and that's just so that we can get someif like going through
    okay will get that off to the side andtake a spatula
    to holding onto the cake just to priceit lifting it
    up and then we're gonna play sat down
    remembering that we can push it forward
    and then just released that
    someone to take some about grain
    modeling chocolate I'm gonna startmaking some lates
    now I've chosen to go with some piani
    caches a really nice shaped to them andthey're perfect size for this particular
    and the nice thing is that we havepanties on their we also have such a lot
    and these are quite similar to chillblades I'm in that they not sing along
    and now right
    but gonna do the exact same thing as wedid before except we're going to stop a
    bit short intensive the thickness
    we want these two babe much the car canwhich I am petals
    now in this design way going to use
    honey folly to have their peak
    but I'm gonna make a few more just thatwe have them
    still makes three in this size if it canfit the mean
    and then we're going to make about $
    about smallest size gonna pop those
    into the fridge again like everythingjust a couple of minutes and that is
    all and it's just so that we can workwith them we can move them
    no keep their shape really well so now Ifinally ready to put everything together
    we've had our flowers just setting upand had meanwhile within like an act
    and we have just taken all the balletafter the French side
    a little bit of movement but I paroledin Austin them
    so the first flower that I'm going touse is a chill up
    at the back so I'm gonna take one abouta smaller needs
    and just apply a little bit of sugarclue
    going about a third of the way up on howlate then we're going to
    press it against how flower and we'rejust going to wrap
    that around now we're not going to applyheat Amanda prescod
    because pressure also maintain 8 handalways haha
    than what the lates %ah somatic indicatethe lake up
    at the single wallets its summer's goingto
    press those together just so it jointsbut nothing else
    we're gonna take that places into thecake
    thank all the way down
    until we reach the sound of the life
    sign now but getting ready to do andnext trial
    my going to be doing a PI Ni and acouple now rises
    side taking MP Anne again we can takeanother lady
    and this time we're gonna be just alittle bit high up soaking that means
    that we can go lower
    onto the stand so pressing it against
    and just wrapping around
    K so now gonna start on this site
    now most attending at a slight angleit's not gonna going
    did Streit and we might spin it justthat I'll let you guys in a different
    style the press that down
    now we're gonna keep it just so it's alittle bit higher
    now we're going to come along and do annext song right
    so then take a roast this time we'regonna leave it with nothing on it at all
    working at the same angle and going forthe same Hotch
    as our last now we're gonna work ondoing
    another one of our RSS and we gonna dothis I'm going to insert it straight
    keeping up nice and high
    their gonna come back and do a chilllook now
    come back and do another
    about PR niece and

    a.m. Sams gonna spin around and takea look
    and just get a high right so angleslooking good because it's facing forward
    that we just wanna lower some thingsjust by a little bit
    just to get that I cut now
    before we can put our last one on whatwe're going to do is attach
    the two lodger piani you notice that wehaven't used any the really big ones
    and tried to attach them and that's justbecause they fight too heavy
    so what we gonna do ease gonna spin itaround
    and all we're going to do is create abit occurred
    so we've been doing UT thumb
    as a bit the price and we've been doingsince making so what an s-curve
    intent and then we're gonna play set
    against past am
    just give a lot press and that way wecan actually have it popping out
    and it just makes the solute more threeday coming up besides you don't be just
    within the pot and again will do thesame thing with this
    band get a little bit of a kick at thisis why
    these covers a so-called just cuz I'vegot that little bit of movement already
    and again we're gonna place that theyare
    like I
    site now are going to be doing isputting how last couple flowers on
    we can pop our
    chill just sneak it through their
    just lower it
    and then we're going to do al last ritesside
    same as before we want this to reallyflourish out
    so we're gonna spin around in God testedsent %uh
    on an angle facing forwards you can seethe angle that I've got it at
    and we're going to lower right down
    so they can say all the other flowers
    meant a cup final two and just doexactly the same thing
    which can arrest against and give alittle bit of the press
    and that is eat we have completed appnow bought
    we've covered lots of differenttechniques with working with them on
    and different colored mixtures had tomake it
    and also had to keep it nice and cool sothey can cut out shapes
    and things like that so we have thatyou've learnt a lot and I'm really
    enjoyed this

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