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    Tiffany & Co. Square Gift Box Cake - CAKE STYLE how to make

    Tiffany & Co. Square Gift Box Cake - CAKE STYLE

    Tiffany & Co. Square Gift Box Cake - CAKE STYLE

    heights are gonna head back my cakes anendeavor to cut the filling layers
    if you don't know how to cut feelinglayers evenly I'm you don't have a cake
    leveler to do that you have to use aknife
    to check out our architect basics 3 andit'll show you how to cut nice even last
    tonight so mines already cut their sonow I'm going to attach to the board
    and fill it with a nice beautifulchocolate ganache so
    this recipe is just a I'm a milkchocolate mud it's in our
    in our cake box so if you want thisrecipe can get it from there
    and we also have our cannot recipe inour free recipe section so
    first thing I'm going to do to attach myboard
    is I just wanna put a thin layer in Osh
    onto the cake itself you don't want tobe too thick or the board will pop off
    you just were nice thin layer I'm youjust wanna basically
    are you trying to do is fill and allthose little air bubbles
    that will the said on that that way youget a really good adhesion
    to the board and the cake and it's notgonna wanna come off on your
    just little bits
    still in all those little the holes thatare in there
    and now that I've got that on Humskyscrapers back to the cake
    tests I know it's not too thick and I'ma take my
    cake plate associate Morgan OSH on theboard as well
    that way it's chocolatey chocolatesticking
    its gonna wanna sit there nice nice instock not pop away
    capital and you that
    so just put this on upside down and thatway
    it's really easy just flip it over youdon't lose any that's your track
    branch now the best thing to do when youdoing feeling there's
    startin' one section work your wayaround down smear the whole top of the
    and then try to build it up cuz younever gonna know if it's the same
    and when you get a cut your cake I meanyou're gonna know on the servings at the
    the feeling there's aren't the same
    so it's really important try to get evenliars
    it also helps in getting even flat topUK can it's not gonna
    you now sit waukee on you when you'renot gonna have any issues
    by trying to level your cake layer MaryJo have nice
    even roughly quarter-inch thick layer
    I'm Scott pic UK Cup gentle with it
    place right on the top they dismiss arelining up its use your fingers to sort
    of push into other even
    front back
    thing given a good pressed and you wantto make sure here not trapping air
    cuz hairs gonna wanna come out later andlasting want threat to come out once
    you've covered in fondant companies canI get a big
    bubble out the side blots I do you canXO make sure you call that a route
    ons good press make sure it's nice andeven
    and just go ahead and scrape of thatexcess chocolate
    and start all over again the next layeralright so that's time to scan a level
    at a bit
    make sure there's no high spots lastlayer
    I was like to put the bottom have mycake
    at the top on this going together reallynice smith finished work with
    you not going to get any cake crumbscoming off so I
    always suggest cut you cakes and put thebottom
    at the top and you get a bunch bettereasier cake to work with
    Mary out
    all filled I'm before we going
    in cut and shaved on the sides to make anice it's me I'm just gonna pop this in
    the fridge
    but that cannot really set up nice andhard so it can be easier to cut this
    cake and I can have as many
    think little bit crumbs coming off ingetting it everywhere so
    pop in the fridge good
    minutes tradedthe next step
    and wall will carry on with their cakeprice I got my cake in the fridge it's
    been in there for about
    the filling there's a nice and set upnow so it's not gonna move around on me
    I'm while I shaved on the sides andthere's a few reasons why we shaved on
    the sides were cakes one is for placing
    it looks so much nicer if you've cut thesides of your cake before you
    when you go to serve you take into welike to use the board
    as a guy I want to make sure this stayssquare and
    and I want to feel that taken off thesides and scraped it back to the board
    so it's going to maintain its shape
    so all we need to do is just cut youknow

    have our cake I'm inside the board with
    I mean that's about three males andthat's going to give us a perfect amount
    of going off from the outside a bar cake
    and it's gone all the even surf to cutit you just basically you wanna start
    just below the top edge don't want tocut from the top down when I cut
    basically just below the top edge downand that mean
    makes it so you not gonna cut too muchcake of see is present put it there
    and then you just slowly cut down I'm
    be careful you don't cut too much ofsorry
    take a few cuts to do it don't try toget on one
    tax now I take my
    parchment her aunt of and now I can flipover the cake
    and do the other side hot spy fast
    snow house for Tovar just start
    can cut them
    alright so now I've got all set up to dothe kanashimi liar
    I'm just a little tip on working withchocolate ganache
    on the outside cakes you gonna wannakeep you can't call reason for this is
    how the quickness sets up the easier itis to work with
    so try to keep your cake in the fridgein between setting everything up now at
    this work a lot faster for you
    I'm just a few tools in the for thisstep I like to use the bent handle
    spatulas said just the straight onesthat this little bit easier to work on
    the side of a cake that he and his hands
    you need you cannot obviously I'm I liketo use a foot scraper
    didn't get these at pretty much anyfoods I'm
    supply shop or cake shop on
    I've also have a larger sort of spatulascraper that I've
    pretty much made its just from my localhardware store into painting tool
    obviously never use a painting I've cutit down to what I need to just
    this basically is great for you knowtops cakes can't
    it's big enough not create lines and asmuch faster and easier to work with so
    can follow these great so I guess the
    the first tipper doing and Oceania Southcake is
    you want to just put as much of it on asyou can
    and then scrape it off a really fastabout it you don't have to be to
    delegate with it
    you need to put little bit I'm try to beperfect just get it on
    cuz the case called gonna want to set upso can run scrape it off
    you know go much faster sup
    just takes some can arch and Mike saidhe just
    put it on I
    making sure you get it about as thick asyou need it to be
    so it's some gonna cover to wider than
    the base have your cake plate so you canscrape it back
    to the board when you have a nice mefinish inside a cake
    packs of got that first layer on like Isaid I wasn't too careful with it
    I just want to get it on so I can takemy feet scraper and just scrape it off
    he basically just
    take you for a scraper push into thereach the bottom board
    try to keep this is vertical as you cansee you not playing it one way or the
    and then just pull it back
    and making sure the
    go all the way to the side and TC thefor all the way down
    you know you've got it all the way backto the board in
    all the way down I'm just going to
    I get this back middle just take the top
    Edgeworth all raised up he's gonna pullthat into the center CAC
    now basically just gonna do what we do
    are feeling largest your nice even layeron top not too thick
    I'm and just get it nice flat surface ona train to
    keep it is level as you can again startin one section and work your way around
    you know how thick you staying
    can I'm not trying to be too perfecthere just wanna try to keep it level
    I am going to be using my special ascript that of
    nice and flat so I'm just going to kidroughly
    a nice thick layer fair
    even and then to scan use my longerscraper here
    you don't want to go out in ninety twoUK when I got about a
    and just gently start it to pull it I
    across the top of the cake if the startof the very edge you can pull the edge
    of your texts I don't start on the veryedge
    just a little bit of back from the edgeand then just
    for you get to that back edge evenreleased
    and left up and then is gonna turn it
    same thing
    and that's my some level on top I wantthis
    overhanging of the signs I one actuallybringing options can take my foot
    scraper again
    score from the side raising thechocolate up
    and then that way we can set up in thefridge you can get hard and set
    and I'll just chop the top of the knifeyou
    never in doubt that's our first layerdone
    it's not perfect in anyway but it's goodnot
    star or put this in the fridge let thatcannot
    really set up nice and hard and thenwe'll do the finishing my air
    can arch price on the cake 7 the Frenchit's nice and set up
    this cannot is really quite hard so Ican just use a knife to cut this top lip
    and then finish with mike in washingtonfinal hope so
    very simple just take a sharp kniferunning along the top edge
    and thats that's how easy it is to usecutting the top layer of
    so that you can get a nice Smith
    top and science
    is we take the same size cake plate thatused on the bottom
    and we just put on top just need to lineit up now
    I usually use my fridge creeper kissnice and straight
    skit escora lined up but cora lined up
    that's that's how easy it is so now Ican use this as a guide
    so just keep my hand on their get mygosh
    now this is a little bit sloppy yearsand the first token are sharp
    made this a little bit easier to workwith I'm cuz I want to go on fairly
    because the cake is called going to setup quick so I need to get on quick
    get off quick time so it's nice and easyto work with
    so same as before I just
    crew on making sure that I've got enoughon there that it's covering both boards
    as you can see this is why I didn'treally worry about for scoping perfect
    a second coat it's gonna be the perfectfinish
    for same as before
    scrape it off haha
    being careful not to bring the corners I
    haha now at this stage that cannot she'squite set up
    so it's its alright to just clean up theedges by going straight up
    not putting a lot of pressure don'twanna dig in
    just hope she get a better finish oneach corner
    if you have to you can come back fillingin the holes you have
    now there's any little bit so it's apretty good corner it is hanging out a
    little bit I can use the knife laterwant to set up
    to cut that strict
    it's there we go all the corners aredone
    sides are perfect so that finished
    is is just the way I want it it's niceto do is take the lid off
    and then back to the top and then we'redone so I'm just gonna
    stick my finger nails underneath eachcorner and Jess
    kit to pop a little bit on those cornersto loosen
    not thats of I'm any little bits havecome off the top edge that's final fix a
    I'm just going to take my king ofbecause it just came off the cake is
    quite cold
    I need to repeat it something I reallyhate this up in the market to going on
    top of the cake
    all rights that's just so the microwave
    I just did on
    percent for at 10seconds at a time
    I don't wanna overheated our allies itwill be too hard to use
    if it's too sloppy so take this
    and you basically just want to
    try not to get it too much overhangingthe edge
    because they took all the time the twosides perfect I'm
    but you want to make sure that you getit over the edge as well such as had a
    even liar bad as Eve this thick as thesides are
    that's announce can take the longerspatula can
    again the same thing you don't want tostart over the top i dnt wanna start
    just on the edge very light pressurework your way into the military
    at a little bit pressure and before youget to the back and she wanna release
    the pressure on the stand up
    and Internet do the same thing and notmake nice even
    layer on top so on to star in here
    very light pressure anybody pressure tosmooth it
    I want to get to the edge I just leftthe pressure
    and left it up and I don't really worryabout that big ridge that made there
    because we're
    when i turn it do this why its gonna getrid of that
    so a nice even top so now we just gottawork that edge
    up again so it easy to cut later onceit's all setup sums can take
    this one again all right there E-cash
    so that's that's it that's our finallayer of skin arch
    I'm gonna let this sit out now I'm notgonna worry too much about the stoppage
    cuz I'm gonna cut it
    I'm if you find you've got littletibbetts that's fine we can fix end up
    on the next step we cut the edge of
    because we're square cakes they tend tocut in here for
    cover insurrection to
    take a little bit at the edge of the topas well so don't worry
    has not exactly perfect the same withthese
    these corner edges I'm going to use anact chain nose up how was the Kenosha
    set up
    so we're going to put this I'm away letit sit out
    at the fridge don't put it in the fridgelets it out for a good eight hours we
    leave ours
    overnight and work on the next morning
    case now this cake has been sitting outovernight
    I'm it's nice and firm to the touch isnot gonna melt my hands and that's what
    we want I can archduke and the otherthing we're looking forward
    when we're leaving it out is for thecake to warm up
    I'm if you cover a cake straight awayfrom a fridge
    in fondant out the cold cake will shockthe fondant
    and make crack and that's the last thingyou want to do with square cake because
    a summit edges you have to deal with youdon't want to crack easily so
    letting the Cape warm up it'll take atleast six hours
    am it's up to you if you want to doafter six hours Cup time if not just
    leave it overnight
    fine I once it's fully encased inKenosha cake is not going to dry out
    it it's fully airtight and it's notgetting any issues with it aging cake
    so basically all going to do now is cutthis top lip of
    and clean up all the edges ready atcovering on its I'm just gonna take a
    sharp knife
    and you just run it over the top
    and you think I'm gonna do now is Idon't want these
    edges to be too sharp it will still cutthrough the phone it so I just wanna
    come back
    and just take off the slightest bit onthe edge at about a
    degree angle
    just around a little bit just can helpyou any covering I have issues with
    I'm caring and corners and such so youjust want to
    take a knife me just looking to take atiniest bit of
    telling around it too much
    I K snouts can I clean up the signs
    something little bits that are hangingoff
    okay so everything is now ready for usto cover
    I'm the cake is nice and and set upwe've cut the edge of a bit
    we just need to put some jams here upontheir I'm make sure when you make this
    the let cool completely before you puton your case you don't want to know if
    you can or should
    and when you put it on you want to besparingly about you don't wanna put
    a ton on there because if you put a lawlove this chance here upon the cakes
    really wet and that moisture
    their won't go into the chocolate itwill go into your fondant
    and OE away find it and then I'm alittle bit after you've covered your
    you go back and look at LPL report fromthe moisture into the fun it's a
    just a light dab this all over the cake
    have to make sure you get the entirecake but don't put too much on
    so you just wanna take your brush justgently
    making sure to get every
    a little bit %uh side covered
    but spreading it evenly say you're not
    putting a huge amount on there you don'twant it to be questioning what
    archive that's all time
    I just put this away was gonna put theserver
    of the side I'm sure the hand if you gotabsorb or you can put a cake on just
    move it around makes a lot easier
    I'm and that we can slice it clean aswell
    so I've got mine
    my phone and already pre colored I'm andI've already
    given this on one meeting I was like todouble need my phone especially with
    a square cakes you really need yourphone into the supple
    I'm to want to go over that shapewithout tearing to make sure that you
    you need it let it rest for
    and everything else ready and in rightfor you gonna cake
    needed again and you have less tearingand less cracking in your phone
    that's all needed times can I got mycorn farmer time at down I'm I don't
    like to use
    powdered sugar as it dries up the phoneand I actually like to use
    cornflower hurts it's up to you switchto put that in there
    some press it down and then get myrolling pin
    time I guess the trick to rolling thisout as
    to press too hard to just make dents toslice
    fluid easy movements and always give ita turn in between to roll out a little
    bit and turn it's a dozen sick
    now the I guess the
    tricked into doing square cakes is youdon't wanna roll it to them general a
    little bit thicker than you would
    normally for round cake I'm because ithas to stretch a little bit more so you
    don't want to tear
    test that's long enough
    wide enough so I'm just going to makesure it's not sticking
    and I liked it to dole this
    heads down a bit so it's not gonna crayline when I roll at
    over my drawing pen
    and quickly attach
    just pull into the corner
    to sit there nicely for this now
    is working besides a bit until attach it
    and then just going back in three-pointthe bottom edge
    tends to can't act a little bit airtrapped in their
    you just wanna work that
    fifteen years
    at the half driveits
    in just grab those out with your hands
    just gently don't wanna put mark senthome
    and I always like to just work fun itwith my hands a bit soften it up
    you can really get some other excess funover to your edges so it's going to be
    easier to sharpen his edges
    and you can also feel for any air thatmight be trapped in their
    them pop those
    tell basically one day now as I'm justworking the phone and it's in the middle
    test a bit higher because it's it rolledover and stretch science working that
    out to the edges
    K and now I'm gonna take pizza cutterand cut these off
    and now there's a lot of different toolsthey can use I'm
    years you know these the flat ones lotof people have
    they're great for smoothing tops haveyour cakes
    to inside so that whatever you tend tolike I like these ones
    the best but
    rehab just
    smooth it he started the top again youjust working
    the top flat you wanna sorta bring somethat phone and
    over to the edges because that's goingto help us to sharpen it
    to make it look more like a box
    so comes to take my bigger one
    put it on the side just hold it and thenI can just
    he is this one now I I work from thecorner into the middle
    in this corner into the middle and Ijust wanna keep pressure pressed not to
    make it go
    straight up and down so it's
    nice and straight
    maritime gotten
    home I sites nice flush
    flat miss ready to sharpen that top edge
    I'm again if you
    want to use one of these to do that ifyou've only got these you can take to
    have them
    and run them up to each other to get asharp edge I like these because
    they've got the
    degree on asking makeit flush
    all the way to the edge I'm so what I dois just
    poll that across here
    now this corner and a little bit sharpall the way through here
    but this ages since I just need to pullsome fondant
    term in the middle the cake over to thatedge
    so that when I go now to sharpen it gotplenty of fun and there to work with
    and the other thing you can use tosharpen his if you don't have the
    smaller ones
    I need to just get yourself a bit I'macetate
    it's basically plastic it safer food I'mcooking chocolate
    nom transfer sheets work well just I'm
    but that appear you can just
    use that to sharpen the edge as well
    get a really sharp
    hedge doing that
    case that's all the edges down on thetop now I just have to work on these
    camp to use my acetate aka
    on doing hours I'm just workingsomewhere this funding on this corner
    up in the corner and I might go to thisside
    and work a bit more
    and this is just making as I get a sharppoint
    on the corner
    let's go back and forth a few times andyou can just
    take your
    just create that nice sharp corner likea box
    okay so I've got a bench cleared of agot everything I need
    for the boat for on top the cakes justover here esteem
    I'm getting nice and firm so what youneed to do is that anti Los
    to your fondant so it's going to set upa very important step if it doesn't and
    get added
    honestok point keep checked some sugarclue
    and just a pizza cutter so I've alreadygot my phone in here
    sorting out the Tyler Senate's I don'tneed to add that to it
    some just going to give it a little bitin need when roll that out
    that status up a little bit on top
    now I guess the trick to Buzz's youwanna roll it out really thin
    to thicken it just doesn't look looklike fabric or
    like a real but so may she wrote
    yes that's that stuff and I'm gonna wantthis
    some aesthetic by pizza cutter and anice straight line on this edge
    I want this to be
    almost three inches for two and threequarters of an inch
    I'm gonna make that went online there
    they're lying there skinny guy just haveto be perfect
    is also a scrunched up anyway
    scanning ice claim mark on the end and Iwant to be about six inches long since
    gone measures my
    really here six inches Cutco another six
    track put this away
    I got my sugar clue here snow put thisone
    off to the side I'm gonna put this overso I can work on the back edge
    and I just wanna and the clue
    to stand on the bottom edge here has togo to stay together
    tank is full that
    maint smith's full that me
    right there Canberra press right on theend
    now I just wanna stick my finger overthe top here
    and just pull this up and folded over
    saying with this holed up in our
    give it a little bit of a pinch and I'mgonna get my former
    just the paper tell my role is so prettytightly
    I can get that to go inside here
    Ste open it up push that through
    and I just wanna listen up criticizes Iwant hold these back over
    given that pinch just pension together
    form up that that boasts or to Shea
    and take out my other one can flippingit over
    test on the bottom edge
    when I'm not going to go all the way tothe end I wanted to kind of
    close up a little bit so it doesn't lookso perfect
    Nariko that's our second one
    all dance and I can just put that off tothe side and Eric out those would be
    then ran hard and a good half hour 45minutes
    pan-am stylish print it I'm just becareful tiles cheaper too much
    and you won't have the time to work withit but was that the setup
    alright so now before going to go andput that late on my cake
    I wanna put it on the board and thereason why I like to do it that way
    is I'm which put a lid on it that
    edge it'll it's very delicate and if youhave to send to your cake on your borin
    and push it to move it
    you can damage that and they have torestart that the whole it all over again
    to stop that from happening I always putit on my board first
    and then I decorated so I'm going toactually finish off the board first
    I've covered in fondant because I thinkit looks a bit nicer than a sewer board
    but I try to clean up this this edgesaround here I don't relax heaney
    silver bits there some gonna put somesome ribbon on here
    not discussed double sided tape on itmister she quickly how we attach
    our event or square boards little bitdifferent than the round
    I'm basically you've put
    pace to start it and then you put apiece have double sided tape
    on both sides at the corner style
    just attached to that corner manattached to that corner and that's going
    to really lock that
    ribbon in there put another one in themiddle here
    and a fine this corner
    put one right at the start of the corner
    one just after the corner
    to come a royal icing here I'm wannamake sure it's not
    to send want to be fairly thick
    I'm that way that they will set upreally quickly when you take it to put
    onto your board
    and it's not gonna wanna slide around sojust take a little bit this
    just basically
    roughly wanna have the same size youtake the time
    want to make sure little bit smaller sodoesn't seek out the edges
    and because I put I'll us
    in this fondant that I've cover thesport with it's nice and hard and i cant
    touch it's not gonna debt
    there to
    nice tan Cara now when I want to do isput some air
    lines in here so that the air can getunder there and really dry quickly
    it's just basically scrape its mines
    go across as well as well
    and then I'll just give that
    air me underneath the cake so it's goingto sell out quickly
    some skinnies the soft pass to Mike afriend
    don't have this she just Bachelard slideup underneath it
    I can just push it off getting to theedge
    being careful not to I left it up toquickly add up
    you know damage that back and said justmake sure you get all the way off and
    then just
    gently place it roughly where it needsto go
    just drop it down and just need to pushthis to center it
    so that's license entered on this boardto give a little bit oppressed and to
    make it stick
    where the way not just me that of theside
    I can get my lid ready so just give thatten minutes to set up so that's not
    gonna move around on me
    and I'll put a lid on get the bow on andthen finish all the decorations
    okay so now let's get our lid on ourcakes of got my chance for a Pakistani
    to attach it to the top so I'm justgonna run a little better this on-again
    not too much its gonna put it I'mbasically
    on the top then just around the top edge
    wanna make sure you don't go to low on a
    on the edge cuz it will seep out on that
    late and you don't want that so just becareful
    when you doing this hedge
    don't have too much on their many justwhen I come down about half way
    half as far as you want delayed actuallybe
    so we're going in stance some skin totry to get that to be about a half an
    so that's how all the way around there
    much just cut my blue again
    them Shannon need it
    said Cano
    they have corn flour
    and making sure the turn it to doesn'tstick to counter
    the k that should be a big enough I'mjust going to check
    okay so this is an 8-inch cakesunderstand
    I'm gonna have an inch so that's tenplus a little bit more so just go
    or we are gonna end up cutting it againsee you happy to exact
    just roughly happy he won it such as cutthat
    home car
    you class can bring my cake over
    now start from the middle
    Ste attaching at all aware on top and
    worked as edges down the same way I didwhen R Us covering the cake
    cool and I'm gonna do is you know whenit crashed this corny want to lift up a
    little bit
    say you get a sharp edge on their Teslavery important
    you get this top flat so doesn't bow sowe're gonna
    make sure that you you work the middlephone app to the middle gonna be a
    little higher than the edges
    this work test the corners K
    stamina take I'm plastic basis
    stuff can I just
    taking these my fingers together here
    to come to point and just probing that
    sharp impact
    this corner
    and get back to this
    other corner you can put this on theside I hear where you want the corner to
    just work that anche
    into a and I hope to sharpen that
    now to help to get you a nice point onthe corner
    have your cake
    that Scott all of the corners top edgeit's nice and sharp
    so now we just need to you I'm measureddown
    get that line right now I'm skin a cat away around this so the women to do that
    specs so tent up here it's gonna take
    just a little exacto knife a craft knife
    mister ruler
    this can prolong Nick are want it
    going to take this longer ruler and justbasically lineup the two marks
    think been intent
    can do that all the way around miss cancarry this
    are cramped corner
    Mary Jo
    just come back in cleaning up a littlebit make sure any dents that may just my
    fingers like Katrina
    alright so now it's time to finallydecorate this cake and make it look
    beautiful so that they'll it's been saidhappened after I can touch without
    damaging it
    my Bose had actually set up quite well
    I'm their nice and firm because well itI'll us I can take these out
    with those aside now ready to go
    so now we're going to just put are areriven
    across archaic and I can attach the Bose
    and do all that and I'm gonna really I'mamp it up a notch by
    paintin the buzz in the Ravens I'm apearl finishers gonna really looks at me
    just like a satin ribbon with look solet's get started by making
    are written in first that goes over thetop %uh cakes
    some gonna grab some just found in I'mnot putting a Tyler send this
    this time because it's just laying rightover the top the cakes it doesn't need
    firm up at all stuff got some fun here
    in just a bit of a cornflower and
    I'm also going to be using a laminatingsheets
    to make sure this bet doesn't dry out 1I'm
    withdrawing its I can roll it all outfor both science
    I'm company claiming she has condemnedmake it says talking to dry out
    and it's going to be easier to use atless I have to roll out twice
    again I want this fairly thin I don'twanna
    too thick I want to match
    our bow sticky today
    just want this white house I can get to
    nice long waiting to there is you knowthat should be long enough
    some scabies and everything rippingkinda this time that way
    get a perfect I'm it's just a lot easierbecause I want these to look
    absolutely perfect incoming it with aknife or with
    pizza cutter isn't going to do that soif you've got one is that they're really
    good for cutting ribbons
    up tax I was gonna put one of these inmy laminating sheets
    fast-talking a fully-fit
    spikes is quite long but I don't need itto be
    although I son just going to cut isabout where I think it's kinda gal
    it there now I can put this
    ons my cake now
    to space this out 1 I'm gonna do hisline this up
    on the back edge of my cake that's goingto make this pay since I can put my
    are misusing alcohol here see one islike a boxer or
    to something that's going to dry reallyquickly
    I'm just gonna run that down middle here
    cake right next to where my ribbon is
    now I can just lift this up
    for smoothie down on that side
    thanks have a damn about time so and thereason why I'm not using
    the up sugar clue is it tends to set uptoo quickly and it doesn't allow you to
    you're ripping wanted on the cake sowith this way I can actually
    it's not quite lined up way I want it Ican still move it a little bit
    and it's going to me for me tends totake
    my pizza cutter just cut that part imagethere
    that's gonna take my speeding pad
    get a bit of a buff
    then if I want to I can just take thisthen just sharpen this
    all that back a little bit and
    because that stretched out I can takethis
    to push it back into line up
    can just put it next to where I want togo
    tech news is a gauge to put my
    alcohol down
    you only have to put enough for thestamps in the middle gets touched
    and touches it doesn't need to be aswide it's the pieces
    and then I'll just take my
    tac toe
    cast just pushed it in where lines up
    take my Bose now
    today the buzz I'm gonna have to cutlittle bit of these
    not to get into line up right so I justwant to
    cut down here take a little bit of this
    again on this side
    not lacking line them up like that
    and that's perfect spacing to wrap thatis
    think I like that why so and put thisone here
    put that on there sense gonna sit nicelyon the cake
    right over where they meet up
    so skinnies a little bit alcohol again
    doesn't mean a lot public has a long way
    rats I was gonna grab some more phoneit's a comic details
    that's good so i just want to see alittle bit wider this time
    I guess I just want that
    little bit wider so I'm just starting
    I'm not sorry on the very edge incutting into the phone cuz I want to
    roll over itself so
    you just are it just inside I couldhappen inch
    it's not gonna roll over do that all theway
    and I was cut this in half
    I think that long I could put the otherhalf
    into my lambing she says not going todry out on me
    it's now for the tail I want to cut theangle at the bottom
    was gonna cut this like that
    now I'm just going to take this
    edge same thing I did with the bow
    all that up over Canada pinch
    really wanna
    give us some shape
    sit down like that
    take a little bit of my alcohol
    get that top it's too sick and I need toput much here
    just need take this but little bit onhere
    teenaged stick
    was put a little bit under here
    just one spot and that a hole that youdon't need to put a lot of clear you
    don't really wanna
    I'm excelling getting taller the cakesjust a couple spots and that will stay
    up to still like that little bit morealcohol to get that stick
    was pry the stoppage up put their
    now really wanna push that in so thatwhen iraq it
    to the with the Center its gonna fitnicely so I can really score standing
    still a little dab down there to holdthat
    in place Mary go that's all done
    signs can take a little bit thisleftover
    I'm sending you make this center theeasier it is to make it
    look like it's its fabric or it's like areal bout it's that sort of pulled over
    insights you don't want to be too thickI'll
    ago that's quite thin
    so and you don't have to be too perfectwith this
    this time but how wide it is a half andit is
    I'm just going to take this
    caterpillar a pinch that
    really wrap-around like a piece
    i cum a senator bob really will lookjust want to lift us up
    been alcohol into their
    this one a try to curl this
    ed under so it's
    doesn't have the cut line in it
    that a clue
    and there we have it hats are about done
    on archaic and gonna let this set up alittle bit cuz I don't wanna paint the
    because if I paint straight away thesepits their brand new architect the color
    very well
    so funny in a good
    minutes thencome back and we can paint that I shiver
    alright sirens have been setting up fora little bit so there
    they're gonna take that the color bitbetter than they would if you did a
    straight away suddenly left about 20minutes you don t delete that long
    they just needed to except Collazo
    that's ready to go I'm just going to mixmy colors our custom SuperPro here
    suspect pearl dust
    Scott's a pro and I've got to stir alittle bit
    a vodka in here you don't wanna lot I'mif you have too much then it won't want
    paints a sky cap and you do that
    gym there and give a good mix
    cats all mixed up so
    basically only do I start by telling me
    I'm the ribbon on the outside and I'lland up finishing off the bow
    so you just wanna come along just gently
    paint it
    takes a little bit I'm but its it's soworth
    the effort suggests really makes it lookmore like a satin ribbon
    which is is that extra life to the cake
    every cast a pretty much finished
    I just got the and a little bit to doand then I'm gonna let this set up a bit
    and it pretty much be done

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